Welcome Beth Ashmead, Volunteer Coordinator for Howard Suamico School District

Welcome to Beth Ashmead, Volunteer Coordinator for Howard Suamico School District. Beth’s experience with volunteerism goes back to her own days at Bay Port. Today she helps students to find different ways to serve the community and beyond though the school district. She is joined today by a student leader of Bay Port’s Youth Service Learning Club.

Bay Port Youth Service Learning (YSL) is an organization of student volunteers who help make their communities stronger and better places by giving of their time and talents where they are needed. The list of volunteer opportunities is endless and our students truly see what a difference each person can make to improve the life of others. Bay Port students will be able to earn ½ credit elective by performing the required number of volunteer hours and regular attendance at YSL meetings and will be able to earn a graduation honors cord for service to the community similar to the honors cord earned for academic endeavors. The requirements for both the credit and the honors cord can be found in the YSL expectations link.

Bay Port YSL’s mission statement is to develop civic minded adults with a strong sense of service to others and recognition of the value of their personal talents to the community through engagement in volunteer activities.